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Who We Are

Man Sailing Dufour 37 Sailboat Yacht

LaVictoire Finance is the manifestation of decades of experience in the finance and marine industries, combined with a passion for serving its clients.

We are dedicated to offering products that meet your needs and uphold the values of innovation, efficiency, security, and professionalism. We will value your time and trust from application to approval, through funding, and beyond. Our priority is to provide you with an exceptional lending experience.

Portrait of the Marquis de Lafayette who sailed LaVictoire

Our Namesake

Our company takes its name from the ship, LaVictoire, that the Marquis de Lafayette purchased and sailed to America in 1777 to support General Washington and the continental army during the American Revolution.

Lafayette, a French Aristocrat, so firmly believed in the ideals of liberty and freedom espoused by the American Colonists that he disguised his identity, disobeyed a royal order, sailed away on LaVictoire, and in so doing, made history.

Let's Talk

We have an excellent team of professionals committed to elevating your lending experience. Toss us a line using the contact form, send us an email or give us a call. We’re here to answer your questions every step of the way.